"Short Hair in The Office" By Gracia Rich

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

Do you work in an atmosphere where short hair is not the norm? Do you often wonder how your short hair is being perceived by those in your workplace? This is an issue I have dealt with numerous times. My hair is brush length with waves and I work in the legal field. Let me tell you, I get more stares than anything, and I know it is mostly because of my hair.

I work with numerous attorneys and paralegals on the day to day basis and I have noticed that they all have different approaches to me. The attorneys tend to have a brief pause on their initial meeting. I think it’s because they want to ask me about my hair, but they don’t quite know how. The paralegals, however, are very different. They ask a ton of questions, but most of the time it’s just “why”, “why would you cut your hair?” My answer is this, “I love my hair short. I love the way it looks on me.” Many people feel that short hair, or rather hair as short as mine, is not appropriate in the workplace if you are female. They feel that it is not feminine and that it makes people uncomfortable. That is because society has placed so many ideas in people’s minds as to what beauty and femininity is. Never let what society thinks define you because those ideas couldn’t be further away from the truth.

My hair journey has been pretty simple. I went through the TWA phase, to a tapered cut, a fade and then in April of this year, I went down to brush length. I have always wanted to see how I would look with my hair this short, and turns out, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! I was very nervous when I returned to work that following Monday morning with my new cut because I wasn’t sure what my boss was going to say about it. He is not really strict on what we do with our hair as long as it’s professional. When he came in that morning the first thing he said to me was that he liked my hair. I was surprised but elated.

Since that time, I have received nothing but compliments on my hair. When clients come into the office, one of the first things that they say when we meet is that they like my hair. Some are even inspired by me. Those who are hesitant because but they either feel that short hair is not feminine, or worried about how they will be perceived, often give it a second thought. I let them know that the haircut is one thing, but the confidence is another. If you have the confidence you can pull off any look.

Now, I'm proud to say that I walk boldly into my workplace every day without fear of rejection because I love me, and my hair is a part of ME! Do not be afraid to express yourself this way. It doesn’t matter where you work, or people’s perceptions of you. What matters is the way you feel about you. Your short hair is beautiful. It brings out your features. It’s bold and unapologetic and most of all its authentically you. When you accept all these things, you can rock even the shortest hair wherever you go no matter the field you work in.

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