My story is like many, but still specifically tailored to a personal experience.....


 I grew up moderately poor, black and constantly compared to the "standard" beauty. A standard I could and would never live up to. I also battled with my weight which was another obvious thing that made me a target, and I grew up in the early 90's where the celebrating of difference and variety had not yet begun. If you were not “slim”, “lighter skinned” with long luxurious hair, you were invisible or second place. I was none of the above... 


'Short Hair, New Birth"
A inspirational antidote by spoken word artist and self love youth activist, @yesthatsphoenixx. 
"Dear Short Hair..."
Words from @thehonorablebrowngypsy.
There is power in short hair.
What has your hair done for you?
"My Natural Hair" 
by @Bangaaoffical
Enjoy a passionate spoken
word piece about embracing natural hair. 
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