At Dear Short Hair, We Honor: Mommy and Pe

Meet Peyton. Peyton was diagnosed with Leukemia in December 2018 at age 3. She was placed on a treatment plan where she received and still several different chemotherapy treatments that were once responsible for her hair loss. Although fighting such a battle at a very early age, Peyton remains resilient and fierce and she has her mommy to thank! Meet Mommy." I've also kept my hair cut during her hair  loss journey in hopes that I could provide some sort of support throughout this time if needed. I pour a lot of love into Peyton. I tell her she’s beautiful all of the time (and she’ll tell you she’s pretty if you don’t tell her. Haha). Her hair loss doesn’t bother me at all because I’m more focused on her health. Hair or no hair, she’s perfect to me." This year we honor this amazing mother - daughter duo as they tackle this everyday fight one day at a time!

Mommy and Pe are the epiphany of self love, "short hair don't care" and a great support system, and we are happy to honor them this year at Dear Short Hair 2020 !

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